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With two sites to choose from, I can cater for Personal Training Clients in both the Burgess Hill and Haywards Heath area

Burgess Hill

Private Gym


Haywards Heath

The Spinney Treatment Centre


My Burgess Hill site is a fully equipped Private Gym that can cater for all of your Cardio and Conditioning and Strength Training needs.

My Haywards Heath site is a small equipment Studio, that can cater for both Body Conditioning Programming and as an iMoveFreely® Instructor educate clients in injury prevention techniques to move more freely with confidence.

* Myself and colleagues are closely following government and industry guidance to ensure both of our sites meet the health and safety measures being rolled out across the country to protect against COVID-19. 


My Packages Include

  • An initial Fitness Assessment

  • Tailored workout programs specific to you

  • Face to Face personal training sessions (once per week or more if required at additional cost) at either Burgess Hill or Haywards Heath sites

  • or Online Live Zoom Sessions (if you prefer remote)

  • Online tracking of results and training

  • Nutritional support in line with healthy eating guidelines

  • Knowledge to maintain your new improved lifestyle

You'll aIso receive both consistent motivation and encouragement to stick to and achieve your personal goals.

As a Personal Trainer, I am passionate about helping you get to be the best you, and guiding you on how to not only reach your goals, but how to maintain and continue your fitness journey in a sustainable way.


To achieve any fitness goal, and see results, you must be committed. Typical time periods for notable change in body shape and over-all fitness occur after a minimum of 6 to 12 weeks.


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